The Artof Fenbury

At Fenbury, we believe in the art of development.

From architecture to construction, interiors to marketing, Fenbury was founded to bring a new perspective and an artist’s approach to the industry that’s otherwise been missing. We approach every stage of a development as creating a work of art – with creativity, inspiration, intention and confidence. We realise the exceptional beauty of a space by taking pride in our craft, resulting in contemporary homes and communities that are living works of art.

A commitment  to excellence

Innovative, collaborative, and committed to pushing boundaries in the world of construction and urban planning, we are dedicated to creating state-of-the-art residences. We reimagine what iconic living looks and feels like while respecting the unique character of the local settings.

Our developments not only promote a high quality of life for residents but also minimise negative impacts on the environment. This approach challenges the conventional notion that development and construction are solely about practicality and efficiency. Instead, Fenbury strives to demonstrate that these fields can be a platform for artistic expression and a means of enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities.

Creating residential  masterpieces

We understand that art possesses the ability to inspire and nurture cultural creativity within communities. Our aim is to create spaces that transcend mere functionality to captivate individuals on an aesthetic and emotional level.

Our work reflects our incomparable dedication to excellence, innovation and pursuit of structural perfection. Using architecture and interior design as channels for expressing creativity, our aim is to transform the realm of development and construction so each of our projects stand as a masterpiece in its own right.


The Fenbury team embodies an unwavering passion for excellence that goes beyond the ordinary. Comprising a collective of experienced property professionals, our team shares a resolute commitment to our craft and shared mission – to infuse meaning and creativity into every project.

This passion not only defines us but also resonates with our partners, forging enduring connections with the world’s foremost experts in architecture, design, marketing, and sales.





Development Director


Creative Director


Administration Manager


Development Manager


It’s clear that construction and building is in Sammy’s DNA, with his family legacy of being a third- generation structural engineer and builder. After working alongside his father in their own construction business, Sammy set his sights on taking the business to the next level within two short years, showing his ambition and dedication to the industry.

Stepping into the role of CEO and Managing Director, Sammy swiftly elevated the business, negotiating and acquiring diverse projects from $150m to $500m, including award-winning hotels and high-rise developments.

With over three decades in the industry, Sammy’s love for the creative aspect of construction continues to shine. Fenbury is his canvas, where he crafts unique environments, blending architecture, art, nature, and human experience. His commitment to innovative design and environmental sensitivity has set Fenbury apart, creating sustainable communities that redefine Australian living. Sammy’s expertise and passion drive Fenbury’s success, nurturing thoughtful residential environments for Australian families

Development Director

For more than two decades, Marco has forged a successful career in Australia as a senior property development and construction professional. His extensive expertise in securing government and regulatory approvals, coupled with his proficiency in various aspects of project management make him an invaluable asset to the Fenbury team. Marco’s dedication to fostering client relationships and facilitating effective communication underscores his commitment to achieving project targets and objectives. With a wealth of experience in developing mixed-use, commercial/retail, and residential projects, as well as large-scale master planned projects, Marco plays a pivotal role in Fenbury’s success.

Creative Director

Joining the Fenbury team at its inception, Paul and Sammy consciously crafted what they refer to as ‘The Art of Fenbury’ – the synergy of blending art and design to create residences of desire. His extensive experience across diverse industries brings invaluable professional expertise to the Fenbury team. His creative direction shapes Fenbury’s distinctive philosophy and aesthetics, infusing each project with a unique sense of purpose and beauty.

Administration Manager

Christine plays a pivotal role in maintaining the seamless operation of Fenbury’s administrative functions. Her efforts enable other teams to dedicate their energy to project execution and growth. With a keen focus on ensuring Fenbury operates efficiently, responsibly, and in a manner that promotes growth, sustainability, and positive stakeholder and community relations, she is a cornerstone of the organisation’s success.

Development Manager

Jordan leverages diverse knowledge in property management, investment, and development. His passion for property is personal, fuelled by a lifetime of exposure to market dynamics, negotiations, and deals. He brings a commitment to excellence and continuous growth, with a focus on pushing boundaries and making a lasting impact. His role is integral to Fenbury’s mission of shaping thriving communities through innovative development.