The vision for Eden includes the establishment of a 4.5-star international hotel, which, once operational, will leverage worldwide reservation networks to boost international tourism to the region significantly. This modern tourism and recreational maritime precinct will comprise several key components:

  • 4.5 Star International Hotel: The hotel will likely offer upscale accommodations and amenities, attracting both domestic and international guests. Its star rating indicates a high level of service and comfort.
  • Restaurant: A restaurant within the precinct will likely enhance the overall experience, providing guests and visitors with dining options, possibly showcasing local cuisine and offering a diverse menu.
  • Outside Terrace and Bar: An outdoor terrace and bar provide a scenic and relaxed environment, potentially overlooking the marina or coastal areas. This space can be designed for guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • Conference Centre: The conference centre will serve as a venue for corporate events, conferences, and gatherings. Its inclusion is strategic, aiming to attract business travellers and host a variety of events throughout the year.
  • Residential Development: The addition of a residential development, as mentioned earlier, indicates the incorporation of branded residences. These could serve as second homes for affluent residents or retirees, integrating resort-style amenities and services.
  • Marina: The marina is a key feature, accommodating boat owners and enhancing the area’s appeal for maritime enthusiasts. The investment in a quality marina facility, as mentioned, aims to attract larger vessels and cruise ship day trippers.

This comprehensive approach aims to create a diverse and attractive destination that caters to various interests, from tourism and business to maritime activities and residential living. The combination of these elements contributes to a multifaceted precinct designed to stimulate economic growth and enhance the appeal of Eden as a tourist destination.

Residential Development is the opportunity to provide for family living, Spa, Health & Wellness.

The Floating Marina at Cattle Bay will be centered upon the existing 150m jetty for which there is massive latent demand.